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Featured Auction

Willard Wrecker

Public Auto Auction

719 W Shadburn Ave

Buford, GA 30518


Saturday, Mar 17th

at 11:00 A.M.



Lee Bissell Auctions, LLC specializes in Atlanta Business Liquidation Auctions, Atlanta Car Auctions and Atlanta Classic Car Auctions

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Auction Tips & Info

  1. If you plan to buy a car at anauction bring cash. Although a few towing auctions will take a credit card most will only take cash.
  2. Many towing companies now require a deposit to enter their auction. It is usually $200. The deposit's purpose is to ensure you are a serious bidder and will pay for any car you bid on. If you refuse to pay for a car you bid on, you will lose your deposit.
  3. The majority of towing companies require you to register before you can bid. A copy of your driver's license is usually required, the company will provide you with a bidder number. Most towing companies allow people to register for the auction one hour before it begins.
  4. Show up to the auction as early as the company will allow giving you plenty of time to preview the cars for sale.
  5. Make sure you inspect any vehicle you are interested in thoroughly and understand that there could damage that even a mechanic would not be able to detect in the limited amount of time you are given.
  6. Make sure you know the status of the vehicles paperwork before you bid, (i.e.. clean title, salvage title, court order, etc.)
  7. Decide on the final price you are willing to pay on a vehicle before bidding. Many people, even professional buyers are lured into paying more than they want in the excitement of the auction.
  8. When the auction begins many companies will require you to stay close to the auctioneer and stop inspecting cars This is good because it will hopefully give you time to better understand the auctioneer for when it is time for you to bid on the car you interested in.
  9. Make sure you stay in a good position to be seen by the auctioneer and make clear gestures when you bid. In almost every auction I have been to at least one person gets upset because the auctioneer did not see their bid. In most cases it is the bidder's fault.
  10. If you are the winning bidder on the car, you want tomake sure you show your bidder number to the auctioneer.
  11. Some companies may ask you to pay for the vehicle immediatley;, others will not allow you to pay until the end of the auction.
  12. Make sure to find out how long you have to remove the vehicle from the auction. Some auctions allow 5 days, others allow 5 hours.
  13. It is not guaranteed you will be able to drive the vehicle home. Have a plan for towing the car.

If you have any questions not answered here e-mail me at contact@findautoauctions.com